For JOTA 2014, 1st Polokwane Scout Group camped at the plot of Mr Willem Badenhorst ZS6WAB. We pitched our 5 x 5 army tent, a tent for the Scouts that are licenced operators and the tent of the Group Scout Leader. Radios from 1st Polokwane and Mr Badenhorst were used from Friday night after Scouts through to Sunday afternoon.  87 contacts were made via EME (earth moon earth) on 2m (JT65) with amateurs of which 3 were with other Scout stations. On HF many contacts were made throughout the world using different modes including a 10m contact with VK0JJJ, an antartic base. A Portugese troop, that does not speak any English, made a JOTA moment by singing us a special Portugese song.

FLTR: Vernon - ZR6V, Dewaldt, Peter - ZU6V, Courtney - ZU6C, Wynand - ZU6WB, Ethan, Muhammed, Tyler - ZU6TS,    Kukri - ZS6BV

Amateur operators camped while the other Scouts came for sessions in their patrols.

Campsite before the mini tornado that shredded the latrine in the background and Kukri's tent (centre) and put the 5 x 5 tent into a thorn tree, bending rebar pegs and throwing some of its eight side poles tothirty meters away.

Part of the antenna farm